Color My Abstract World

This is Brady Legler with an invitation for you to color some of my artwork. As long as the quarantine goes on, I will be downloading one free image every day at for you to download, print off, and color in with whatever colors you please. You can post your drawings (or have your parents do that) and we can see what everyone creates. Just use #BradyLegler or @BradyLegler when posting your completed images!

Abstract art is made up of six basic elements: texture, shape, line, form, value and color. My emphasis on the sixth element, color, is the reason why I consider myself an Abstract Expressionist/Colorist painter. Now I’m asking you to become artists along with me by finishing my daily images with your own personal choice of colors.

Abstract Expressionist art is meant to convey emotion and meaning rather than reality. There are no right colors or wrong colors in my abstract world. So let your imagination be your guide and see where it takes you. And have fun!

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